Merckens Black 2lbs

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Merckens Black Chocolate Wafers are a premium chocolate wafer that can be used in many different baking applications. These can be used as a dipping chocolate, molding chocolate, or just a great snack

Mercken's Candy Melts have become a favorite among home candy makers as well as professional candy makers. Their low melting temperature makes them easy to handle so you can create delicious homemade candies with a professional look. Mercken's coatings do not need to be tempered.

Merckens Candy Coatings are now free of partially hydrogenated oils per FDA regulations. 

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Note:in this one I removed the As that were there from the export from shopify. Chocolate may melt in shipping if ordering during warmer temperatures.
If it melts during shipping, it can be re-melted.