Diamond Confetti

Sugar Diamonds 20mm - 6 pieces

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  • 20 mm, Edible Sugar Diamonds - approximately 6 diamonds per package
  • Beautiful, realistic cake jewels that are completely edible. These hand crafted sugar diamonds are created by a highly skilled sugar artist. They resemble real diamonds with their fully faceted tops and pointed bottoms. A stunning addition to cakes, cupcakes or cookies.
  • Made from isomalt, an excellent tasting sugar-free sweetener made from sucrose.
  • Wedding Cakes/Cupcakes: Place diamonds around any wedding cake design to add sparkle. Accent edible flowers (place around flowers or place in the flower center). Use at cross sections on quilted cakes. Form a border of diamonds as shown in the picture. Sprinkle on cupcakes for a beautiful finishing touch
  • PLEASE READ before making your purchase: Sugar diamonds may be affected by humidity creating a cloudy or misty appearance. If this occurs, spray them with a light coating of an oil based baking spray to help restore their shine and clarity. Keep stored in a cool, dry place in the original packaging until ready to use. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Place on food items at the last minute or as close to presentation as possible for best results. FOOD PRODUCTS ARE SHIPPED AT THE PURCHASERS RISK AND ARE NOT GUARANTEED AGAINST WEATHER RELATED DAMAGE (MELTING OR DETERIORATION). We recommend purchasing no more than 3 months before your event date.
  • Due to food safety and quality concerns, there are no refunds or exchanges on this item