10 Inch Round, White Cake Board with Scalloped Edges

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  • White, Scalloped Cake Circle, 10" diameter
  • This 10 inch, white, cake board will provide a beautiful base for all of your cakes.
  • Made from single wall laminated, corrugated cardboard it will provide a stable foundation for your cake and the laminated top will ensure that no grease stains are visible.
  • This cake circle is laminated white on one side and cardboard on the other side
  • We recommend that you choose a cake board that is at least one size larger than your cake.  For example, if your cake is an 8 inch cake, you'll want to use a 10 inch or 12 inch cake board depending on how much extra room you need for decorations.  We also recommend that you choose a cake box that is the same size as your board so that your cake doesn't slide around inside the box.