Tall, 2-Piece, 14 Inch Striped Cake Box - 14x14x12

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  • 14" x 14" x 12" (H) Cake Box for Wedding Cakes, Anniversary Cakes and other Tiered Cakes
  • Now you can transfer your tiered or 3D cakes safely with this 2 Piece, 12" Tall Window Cake Box.
  • The window allows you to see your beautiful cake creations, while the added height keeps your creation safe and sound during transportation. Perfect for your wedding cakes, anniversary cakes or any of your tall cake creations!
  • This thick window box is made from a paperboard that is sturdy once assembled 
  • The convenient side opening of the box makes moving the cake in and out of the box easy.
  • We recommend that you choose a cake box that is at least one size larger than your cake.  For example, if your cake is a 12 inch cake, you'll want to use a 14 inch or 16 inch box depending on how much extra room you need for decorations.  You'll want to choose a cake board or drum that is the same size as your box so that your cake doesn't slide around inside the box.