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Black Walnut Natural Flavor Blend, 4oz, Silver Cloud

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  • Silver Cloud Black Walnut Type, Natural Flavor Blend, 4 oz
  • Silver Clould Black Walnut  can be used in cookies, cake and frosting or anywhere black walnut flavor is desired.
  • To make a great tasting walnut cake, add 1 teaspoon to your favorite yellow cake recipe with half a cup of chopped walnuts.
  • This flavor can also be used in ice cream and almost any aqueous food product for a great black walnut flavor
  • The Black Walnut Type, Natural Flavor Blend contains water, ethyl alcohol, glycerin and natural flavor.  It is sugar and gluten free and kosher certified
  • This extract is a dark brown color
  • Due to food safety and quality concerns there are no refunds or exchanges on this item