Satin Ice

Gold Glitter Glaze

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  • Satin Ice Gold Glitter Glaze, 10oz
  • Satin Ice Glitter Glaze adds a fun sparkly finish to desserts, cakes, doughnuts, cookies and so much more! With a bold color and a delicious vanilla flavor, this ready-to-use glaze will transform any sweet treat. 
  • Transform your sweet treats with fun glittery color and vanilla flavor
  • Translucent, Shimmery, and High Shine Finish
  • Pectin based glaze that sets with a high shine finish
  • Nut Free, Vegetarian, Kosher
  • USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: This glaze is ready to use. Remove the safety food seal. Simply twist the top of the bottle and squeeze.
  • CAN BE USED ON: Cupcakes, Cake, Brownies, Doughnuts, Pastries and more!
  • ESSENTIAL TOOLS: Off-set Spatula, Turntable
  • HOW MUCH WILL ONE BOTTLE COVER: 1 large or 2 small drip cakes, 20 dipped doughnuts, 50 drizzled cupcakes
  • SETTING: Glitter Glaze will not dry hard. The top layer will set but not solidify. Depending on the application and the humidity level, it can take between 2-3 hours to set.
  • Due to food safety and quality concerns, there are no refunds or exchanges on this item