Multicolored Metallic, Foil Lined Cupcake Liners - Package of 100 Cupcake Liners

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  • This box of cupcake cases includes 8 sets of colors, including: Black, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and White. There are 13 liners of each color, totalling 104 cupcake liners altogether - we just think 100 sounds better! 
  • All cupcake cases are foil-lined to prevent grease from seeping through and discoloration. Now, your cupcakes can look as great as they taste!
  • These are perfect for almost any occasion, especially birthdays and children's parties.
  • Standard size: 2 Inch Base, 2.75 Inch Top, 1.1 Inch Height (50mm Base, 70mm Top, 28mm Height)