Quarter Sheet White Cake Drum

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This quarter sheet, white cake drum will provide a beautiful base for all of your cakes.  This cake drum is 13.75 x 9.75 inches

This 1/2" thick cake drum will provide a stable foundation for your cake and the foil top will resist grease and stop it from seeping into the cardboard. The foil is also embossed for an attractive design

The cake drum is made from double-wall, corrugated cardboard that is 1/2" thick with a fold-under design providing a sturdy yet sleek base for your cakes. 

We recommend that you choose a cake drum that is at least one size larger than your cake.  For example, if your cake is a 7x11 inch cake, you'll want to use a quarter sheet or half sheet cake board depending on how much extra room you need for decorations.  We also recommend that you choose a cake box that is the same size as your cake drum so that your cake doesn't slide around inside the box.


  • Size: 9.75 inch x 13.75 inch
  • Color: White
  • Height/Thickness: ½ inch
  • Shape: Rectangle