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Sparkling Bubbles Silicone Mold

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Sparkling Bubbles Silicone Onlay® creates the effervescent effect of bubbles rising from the bottom of a cake. The 3D cake stencil features closely spaced, larger circles at the bottom side that decrease in size and are spaced further apart at the top. Create perfect fondant polka dots on the side of any cake with this one well-crafted cake decorating tool versus cutting circles by hand and measuring to line up evenly. All of Marvelous Molds®’ Silicone Onlays® produce clean cuts in the fondant, gum paste or modeling chocolate with patent pending cutting blades. The length of the Silicone Onlay® is designed to line the pattern up perfectly around any even diameter round cake without leaving residual space to fill in at the back.


6.3125 in L x 3.6875 in W