Diamond Confetti

Sugar Diamonds 5mm - 54 pieces

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  • 5mm Edible Sugar Diamdons - approximately 54 diamonds per package
  • These beautiful diamond studs are made from isomalt and would be a beautiful addition to your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more.
  • The diamond studs have a round shallow body. They do not have a pointed bottom. The studs are the preferred choice when embedding in icings/fondant because their shallow body reflects light better giving you more shine. They can also be sprinkled freely on cakes, cupcakes, and more.
  • PLEASE READ before making your purchase: Diamond studs may be affected by humidity creating a cloudy or misty appearance. If this occurs, spray them with a light coating of an oil based baking spray to help restore their shine and clarity.
  • Due to food safety and quality concerns, there are no refunds or exchanges on this item.