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Flavor Right Whip 'n Top Vanilla, 2lbs

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  • Whip’n Top’s™ fine, smooth texture has made it one of our most popular dessert toppings for cakes and finished desserts. And because it was originally formulated for warm climates, it possesses unusually high heat tolerance. Whip’n Top™ performs beautifully every time, holds up under stress and tastes refreshingly light. It’s convenient and easy to use…just pour into a bowl and whip.
  • Due to food safety and quality concerns there are no refunds or exchanges on this item
  • Store frozen.
  • Before using thaw completely in refrigeration until free of ice crystals.
  • Do not refreeze unwhipped product.
  • Whip no more than 20% of the total bowl capacity at one time.
  • Whip at medium speed.
  • For sweeter topping, sugar may be added.
  • When blending with cream or other ingredients, first start with Whip N Top and when partially whipped add other ingredients.
  • Store decorated cake or dessert and remaining cream in refrigerator.